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Ripper Performance Training's Garage Gym complete with power rack, treadmill, weights, and an assortment of training equipment




The Alley emerged from a strong desire to establish a private, top-tier personal training service while upholding my vision of the ideal performance facility. My experiences working in commercial gyms served as a crucial learning ground, shedding light on what worked and what didn't in terms of equipment selection and layout. I often grappled with the frustration of inadequate equipment and cramped spaces, which eventually became the driving force behind my decision to depart from the commercial gym scene and bring my vision to life.


Confronted with the challenge of finding a suitable training space as a freelance strength coach, I transformed my garage into a fully functional gym. What I cherish most about this decision is the privacy, adaptability, and space efficiency it offers. The Alley is designed to provide all the necessary equipment within arm's reach, fostering seamless interaction between athletes, myself, and the iron surrounding us. And the beauty of it all? It's a continuously evolving space, adapting to the unique needs of each and every individual who steps foot into it.


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