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RED is an acronym for the words "refine, elevate, and dedicate". I consider these the pillars that not only inspire my coaching methodology but also serve as driving forces for personal development. When we reign over adversity, we do so through refinement of our abilities, elevation beyond what we once believed unachievable, and dedication of ourselves entirely to that which we aspire. Whether your purpose for training is enjoyment, self-improvement, or competition, reign RED.


| rəˈfīn | verb.

To improve (something) by making small changes.

As much as we'd like it to, change doesn't happen overnight. Change is the result of countless hours put into making consistent,  small improvements that largely go unnoticed. It is through gradual refinement that we develop and master a skill


"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." – Mark Twain


Top-Tier Program Design

The extent of most personal trainers' knowledge merely allows them to help people get "tired safely". While this may be enough for some, I take pride in my attention to detail. When designing exercise programs, I deal with "specifics". As a strength and conditioning specialist, I consider everything from the influence of biomechanics and bioenergetics on attaining specific adaptations to how muscular imbalances affect posture and performance. When I develop your program, you can expect that every aspect has been chosen with your specific goals, interests, and current standing in mind.

Classroom Structure

Not only will I demonstrate an exercise to ensure that you understand the proper technique, but I'll also explain everything as in-depth as you'd like. Want to know exactly why I chose an exercise specifically for you? Want to know how nutrition can affect performance and recovery? Want to know why you have that nagging pain in your shoulder that you just can't seem to make go away? I'll teach you everything that you wish to know about these and more!


One of the first things that I understood as a strength coach was that no two people are alike and therefore, no two people will respond the same to a series of movements. Because everyone has their own interests, goals, and concerns, I don't provide an array of pre-made programs to simply copy and paste. I adapt each of my programs to the particular needs of an individual. For example, my curriculum for a football player will be distinct from what I design for a recreational runner or snowboarder. This ability to adapt even extends to the variability within oneself. There will be days where you come to me less motivated or energized than others and I can assure you, I'll be more than accommodating for it.

Learn More About How I Structure Each Workout

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